We are using the website Doxy.me for your secure telemedicine visit.  As a patient, this is free and does not require any sign-up or app installation; you only need to use a browser on your mobile device with the webcam and microphone enabled.  Ten minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, click the provider's link below to enter the virtual waiting room where you will be joined when the provider is available.  Find out more about preparing your device for the telemedicine appointment by clicking the Doxy.me Patient Guide.

Click the link below to enter your medical provider's virtual waiting room:

​     Click for Dr. Steven Toenjes

     Click for PA Meredith Hawthorne

     Click for ARNP Amy Toenjes

     Click for PA Eric Ponder

Note: we are committed to your care and will not allow technology to prevent you from accessing your medical visit and we will call you on your telephone if video conferencing is not working.  Please make sure to disable your caller blocks for phones calling you with no caller ID as providers may use their personal phones to reach you and will block their caller ID.   If you are having difficulty determining  how to remove call blocks for callers with no caller ID, please contact your phone provider for assistance.

If you have some feedback or suggestions on this process, we invite you to call our office and speak to someone or leave a voice message.  Thank you for your understanding.


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​​​A telemedicine appointment is a video conference call between the healthcare provider and the patient using telephones or other mobile devices such as an iPad.  These appointments allow your healthcare to be delivered from a remote location to the convenience of your home and are billed exactly the same as if you were coming to the office including co-pays.  Telemedicine visits are not recorded and are conducted only with your verbal authorization.  Our staff, working under the close guidance of the medical providers, will determine whether your appointment can be conducted as a telemedicine visit or whether you require a face-to-face appointment.