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Question: How do I get onto the Patient Portal to securely access my medical records?​

Answer: You can securely access the patient portal by using your credentials provided at check out on the home page.    Click here for additional instructions.

Question: How long do I have to be seizure free until I can drive again?

Answer: Six Months.  Click here for more info on epilepsy foundation on FL driving laws.

Question: Does your office require a referral to be scheduled as a new patient?

Answer: We do not require a referral unless you have an HMO plan, as an authorization would need to be obtained by your Primary Care Physician. We also require anyone under the age of 18 to have a referral. All other patients can fill out the Self-Referral form and submit it to our office.

Question: Why does your office need the ‘Self-Referral Form’ to be completed and submitted?

Answer: This form allows us to confirm insurance information prior to scheduling, as well as confirm that your diagnosis or issues is best served by a Neurologist.  

Question: What is the ‘Check In Time’? Is that my appointment time?

Answer: We understand that your time is important, and we try to keep our providers running on time as much as possible. Therefore, our office operates on a ‘Check in Time’ system. Your check in time is the time that you need to arrive at your appointment (you do not need to come earlier), this time allows for you to check in, fill out a Follow Up form or New Patient Paperwork, allows the Medical Assistants to enter that information into the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system,  have the Medical Assistant room you, take your vitals, and review medications. Then the provider would then be seeing you at your appointment time.

Question: How do I see my medical records for free?

Answer: Sign up for the patient portal, all notes are uploaded to the system. You simply go to and click on the link ‘Patient Portal’ on the home page. You can call our office if you need your login name and password. You can also call our office to request any results that our office has ordered ‘public’ on the portal for you to see as well (by request only). 

Question: I need a prescription refill, what do I do?

Answer: First, call your pharmacy and ask for a refill. Then, if the pharmacy says you are out of refills, call our office and leave a message with the Medical Assistant of your provider team. They will send your message to the provider to issue a refill. Be aware that Federal Law requires that patients receiving controlled substance scripts must be seen by a provider every three month for refills to be issued. Non-controlled substance scripts are required to be seen by a provider at least once a year.

Question: I called your office for a controlled substance refill, when can I pick it up? Do I just show up?

Answer: There is a two-business day turnaround time once a request is made. If you request a refill on a Monday, it will be ready for pick up on Wednesday. If you make a request on a Friday it will not be ready until Tuesday of the following week. You may also need a follow up appointment if you have not been seen within Federal regulation timeline requirements (every 3 months), in which case that will need to be scheduled for a follow up appointment before refills can be issued.