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Memory Tips and Resources

Family Affairs Check-List - A checklist to help organize family matters and plan ahead when dealing with memory disorders

Physical Exercise: Good Medicine for the Brain- Regular physical exercise is important for health and researchers have measured improvements in older men and women who are physically active.

TIPS to Help Memory–Ideas on how to stimulate the brain, as well as insight for the caregivers and how to best serve the patient.

Brain Exercise: Category Naming- helps with focus on speaking and recalling words

Do Brain workouts work–The question remains, can challenging the brain with games and puzzles raise intelligence or stave off normal memory loss.

Deftness Exercises– Decline in brain function can cause hand-finger movements to become more clumsy or difficult, here are some suggested exercises.

Swallowing Tips – Steps on how to help people who have difficulty swallowing.

Walking, light – Walking may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment.

Benzodiazepine Use and Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease- Some medications can worsen a cognitive condition.  It is important to review medications with the prescribing physician to best understand why they are being prescribed and to be educated regarding possible side effects.

Mayo Habit Program - A 10-day program offered to individuals living with mild cognitive impairment.

Adult Day Care Program Directory

Alzheimer’s Association: North Florida Community Support Programs

Department of Elder Affairs – Florida

Movement Disorders Info

Support Groups

First Coast Parkinson’s Disease

UF Shands Parkinson's Support Group 

List of North Florida Alzheimer Support Group

Migraine Tips and Resources

Headache Management

​Migraine Management

Theraspecs - How Migraine Attacks Can be Triggered or Worsened by  Light How Migraine Attacks Can be Triggered or Worsened by Light

Sleep Apnea Tips and Resources

Sleep Tips – Tips on how to fall asleep and stay asleep